Transcending the typical constraints of licensing.


Chandigarhs' furniture can be seen as open source

as it was created with the intention of serving the public good and benefiting society as a whole.

Mandated by the city of Chandigarh, their architectural designs, urban planning concepts, and infrastructure developments were aimed at fostering a sense of community, functionality, and modernity. Rather than being driven by exclusive ownership or profit motives, their designs were meant to be freely accessible and adaptable for the betterment of the city and its inhabitants.

Re-editions conform to originals

At Graffiti Interior, we are proud to present re-editions of Jeanneret's iconic furniture, handcrafted in India with utmost attention to detail and quality.

Through our furniture re-editions, we aim to showcase the talent and craftsmanship that India is renowned for, while honoring the genius of Pierre Jeanneret an Le Corbusier.


Our quality promise

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. We spend most of our time and energy for good design and to achieve high quality. Every single detail from material to technique is thought through with obsessive attention. If our product doesn't satisfy you, we'll take it back.