Our tribute to Pierre Jeanneret

Our tribute to Pierre Jeanneret

Graffiti produces Pierre Jeanneret / Chandigarh furniture. In other words, our productions are made with the same techniques and materials as used by Pierre Jeanneret during the early 1950s.

Our production is made in eastern India by experienced carpenters, weavers and polishers. They work tirelessly to ensure that every furniture meets your elevated standards. The carpenters chisel out solid teakwood frames with impeccable precision to preserve the ideal dimensions of each piece. The weavers work on the intricate canning patterns ensuring a symmetry which is both visually pleasing and functional. The polishers patiently coat every nook and cranny of the pieces to ensure a spotless finish that will add to its longevity.


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Are our productions originals?

Since there’s never been “official license” or “production license”, original “Pierre Jeanneret” furniture piece theoretically does not exist.

Most refer to original furniture as pieces produced between 1950 and 1980 that has since been restored i.e. vintage furniture.

If you are familiar with the story of Pierre Jeanneret, you’ll know that in the early 50s with his cousin, Le Corbusier, he took charge of designing the utopian city of Chandigarh in the Punjab region. His brilliant understanding and acute sensitivity to the use of materials lead to the designs that we know today.

beautiful pierre jeanneret - chandigarh dining table and chairs

To start fast, Pierre Jeanneret handed over blueprints to multiple carpentry studios across the region. Hence, the production requirements would vary, depending on the studio or project. which resulted in various versions being made from each blueprint. 

The public matter of Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret’s responsibility lead, as stated before, to the non-existence of a production licence. That is why. we believe that each carpentry studio that respect the techniques, the materials used in activity period of Pierre Jeanneret can rightfully be labeled  as as a Pierre Jeanneret or Chandigarh furniture.